Geographical Scope

The company is based in UherskeHradiste. Our company operates throughout the country as well as abroad. Our customers are not only from all regions of the Czech Republic, but also from the Slovak Republic, Germany, Switzerland, England and Belgium. Our sales representatives are ready to meet without any geographic limitations. Feel free to contact us. Currently we are transforming a web design graphical section from the Czech Republic to New York, furthermore we are preparing an expansion into China; we are working on opening contact offices in London.

Your data is stored in the main data centre in Brno, please see Server hosting section. The data is completely backed up in Brno, and further in UherskeHradiste and Ostrozska Nova Ves. In case of the drop-out of the branch alfa, it is possible to switch the entire operation on a branch beta, with the main data centre in Paris (19th District), with backing up data in the 19th district and geographically independent backup in the 11th district. Branches of alpha and beta are standardly operating in parallel. Data collection is primarily in alpha branch, and in case of a problem it is easily transferable to the branch beta. The main data centres of both branches are connected directly to the backbone of the Internet, and data are therefore easily and quickly accessible to all people around the world.