Code of Ethics

The purpose of the Code of Ethics is its ethical standards and principles that the employees, collaborators and third parties should perform - obey them. In case of its violation or questions to it, you can use an email

Method and Business Values

  • We adhere a set of core values and approaches to business at all operations.
  • Honesty is a precondition for a lasting and successful business relationship.
  • We accept orders that we can meet.
  • During our activities, we pay attention to a compliance with legislation and contractual obligations with other entrepreneurs.
  • Adherence of ethical standards is continuously monitored.
  • Advertising is conducted truthfully in accordance with competition rules.
  • We do not use misleading elements.
  • We are aware of obligations to parties which we come into contact with.
  • The need and the satisfaction of customer come first.
  • Protection of critical information and data is one of the most important tasks for each team member.
  • Continuous trading is more beneficial than a one-time sale.
  • We adhere to the agreed payment terms and conditions of business - reliability, no hidden fees and costs.

The Attitude towards Employees and Collaborators

  • Employee satisfaction is the primary objective.
  • We provide regular rewarding of our employees for their work, properly paid wages within the agreed deadlines.
  • We do not tolerate sexual, physical or psychological harassment.
  • We guarantee decent employment environment, we undertake to promote rational improvement of living and working environment, and we do not permit any discrimination contrary to the law and to interpersonal relationships.
  • We lead our employees to honest negotiations, fairness and personal responsibility.
  • We strive to provide employees with the adequate employment, we recruit responsibly and we inform employees about their career prospects.
  • We encourage professional development of employees needed for the job.

Attitude to the Surrounding Community

  • We support educational, health, environmental, cultural and similar activities.
  • We contribute to charities and charitable activities.

Attitude towards the Environment

  • We have a high interest in improving the quality of the environment.
  • We respect the standards set in the area of waste, emissions, etc.

Relations with Competitors

  • In relation to the competition, we will always act professionally.
  • We will not publicly criticise the working methods and forms of competition.
  • The evaluation will be professional and honest.
  • We will see to employees to respect the confidentiality of business information.
  • We will not abuse a dominant position at the market.