We have been cooperating with you since 1999

We are a young, flexible and modern company with rich experience. Since 1999 we have devoted ourselves to our own internet projects. In 2006 we extended our own web projects by a new area – a web design and an advertising agency. All the projects and the entire offer have shifted under a business brand ActiveNet.

We have opened a new office in the historical centre of Uherske Hradiste. Based on long term experience with a development, management and operation of own projects we have become a very strong partner for many companies. Our aim from the beginning was to establish long term cooperation with every single customer, beneficial for both sides. We are glad that we have accomplished this aim as a lot of customers have been cooperating with us for many years.

In 2009 the studio Advertising Media s.r.o. covered the brand ActiveNet and thus the number of offered services has extended, mostly in the area of advertising. The main goal was to increase the quantity and quality of offered services as well as to keep the leading position in the area of online advertising at the local market, and moreover to reinforce our position and to extend our offer to all regions of the Czech Republic. 

In the first half of the year 2010 we have opened new offices in Stare Mesto u Uh. Hradiste. The offices were a base not only for our employees but as well for all students who joined us for the internship. However the office in UherskeHradiste on Marianske square was the headquarters and it functioned for the communication with customers as well as the meeting place.

In the same year the offices in Stare Mesto moved to Ostrozska Nova Ves because of the great expansion of the company. The area of the office was 150 meters square. The main office in the city centre of UherskeHradiste was maintained and gradually extended to 120 meters square. ActiveNet has become a part of the brand Active Holding and so it has integrated into the group of 10 companies with different business areas. This step has ensured higher possibilities to invest into our company and stabilised the base in case of any problems at the market.

In 2011, an innovation of company technologies took place, for example launching of data branch beta. It was supposed to ensure an easy installation or access to all customer data from Western Europe in case of the failure or problems with data networks in Central Europe.

Between the years 2013 and 2014 we implemented controlled processes of all employees and thanks to them we increased the efficiency of each employee and precision planning. We were preparing for a certification of established norms. We penetrated into the systemdevelopment of automotive industry, aerospace, and energy and we expanded the portfolio of clients from the public sector.

In 2015 we have started a strong expansion to foreign markets. We have created 15 new meeting places with clients all over the world (offices and conference rooms) and we have focused on the growth of the company as well as increasing the quality of our work.

Behind our results there is hard work of dozens of people. We operate in a continually evolving and rapidly changing field, so we put a very high emphasis on self-education of each team member and provide continual innovation. Based on our knowledge we also publish articles transmitting experience and information to professional public.

We enjoy our work and we would like to wish much success to all our customers as well as to say to all our future customers that we look forward to our mutual cooperation.